Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs   

Bedbugs are normally, although not exclusively, encountered in and around bedrooms or sleeping accommodation. Their presence can be particularly distressing to members of the public, due to their parasitic life cycle, in that they feed on us as we sleep.

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Cockroaches are well known for the spread of various deceases as they forage across different surfaces. This makes them a serious public health pest which needs to be heavily controlled, particularly around food preparation areas.

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The presence of fleas inside premises is normally associated with the presence of a ‘host animal’, usually a pet cat or dog. In fact the pets discomfort at being bitten is often the first indication of the presence of fleas in your home.

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Fly control programmes around farms, animal housing or waste sites are very different and obviously involve alternative methods of control than those used within domestic homes or commercial premises. We are also able to undertake control of flies at these locations as part of an ongoing service agreement.

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Wasps and Hornets

Wasps are a common sight during the summer months especially in areas with good levels of other insects. Hornets are far less common and although less prone to stinging than wasps, should still be treated with caution.

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We are able to provide a swarm collection service to remove them unharmed and re-home them with experienced bee keepers.

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Discovering damage to carpets or woollen garments? It is not the adult moth flying around the room which causes the damage, but the unseen larvae which feed on the fibres within the garment or carpet. for treatment to be effective, we need to be thorough and deal with both ends of the life cycle.

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Whilst we do not currently undertake these treatments ourselves we do have access to specialists in this area whom we are happy to recommend.

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Only in exceptional cases is pest control measures required, the most suitable means often being to vacuum them up and release them outside.

We are happy to provide further advice or, on the rare occasions when a treatment or other methods of control are required, we are happy to do so.

Take prompt action, Visit our Ladybirds Page for help and advice on resolving your Ladybird problem.



The location and species of ant are important factors in its significance as a pest, the need to control it and even the method of control to be used. It is therefore important to establish these factors and attempting to establish the location of the nest prior to treatment being undertaken.

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Integrated Pest Management Programme

Dave Kirby

An ongoing contract between us and individual customers, designed to exclude, monitor and swiftly deal with any pests which may be present in or around your premises.

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Current News

30th Oct. 2017

Cluster Flies

Cluster Flies are now starting to move into buildings as autumn draws in.

15th Sept. 2017

Chiltern Chamber of Commerce

We have now become members of the Chiltern Chamber of Commerce.

14th Sept. 2017

New Sponsorship

As part of Old Bills Pest Controls community giving programme, we are now sponsoring Amersham and Chalfont Hockey Club.

17th August 2017

Charity Clay Pigeon Shoot

In conjunction with Jordans and District Rotary Club we raised £600 for the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow trust.

16th August 2017

Sponsor Amersham Football Club

Old Bills Pest Control to sponsor Amersham football club under 15s team. This is part of our communities programme to support the youngsters in the area.

27th May 2017

New team member

We would like to welcome Roy Martin to the team. Roy will be covering High Wycombe and surrounding areas.

20th April 2017

Feral Pigeons

Feral pigeons also appear to be on the increase with large numbers taking up residence on buildings around Amersham, Chesham and Little Chalfont.

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